The difference

The ability windows have to transform an internal space is often underestimated. The difference is sometimes unbelievable!

We are constatly reminded of this when a happy customer tells us they “can’t believe what a difference the windows make” to their home.

With careful consideration when choosing replacement windows, they can instantly transform your home and provide benefits including:

• Additional light
Accoustic insulation
• Thermal insulation
• Rejuvenate the look of your home
• Add significant value to your home



Choosing the style and design of your new windows can dramatically transform your home and is a very important part of the decision making process. If you have a classic style home the beauty and elegance of timber may be your choice, or if your living space is modern and contemporary, the clean lines of aluminium may be more appealing.

The look and feel is important, but so are the physical attributes, such as how much light do they allow and how can they transform your space when they open

Energy Efficiency

When selecting windows for our Australian climate and with pressures of climate change becoming more and more apparent, it is important to consider the role your windows play in conserving energy.

The right choice of windows will insulate your home keeping the cool air inside during summer, and the warmth inside during winter, helping to reduce your air-conditioning and heating costs significantly.


Security is increasingly important in modern society and when choosing windows and doors, the security options provided should be considered. We supply windows and doors with a range of glass strength, locking and security hardware. Please ask us for more information about security options.

Noise Reduction

Not only can windows and doors provide thermal insulation, they can also be configured for acoustic insulation, effectively blocking unwanted noise from disturbing your peaceful living environment.

Windows and doors are our passion and expertise, so we can give you the best advice when it comes to this important decision. 

Please call us today for an obligation free consultation, we’ll show you the best options we have to offer and how you too can transform your home!

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